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Gracelyn’s Hope benefits all children. From mental health and serious illnesses to poverty and education efforts, our goal is to help every child live a happy and hopeful life.

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Gracelyn’s mission is to bring hope directly to children, no matter what they are going through. We provide encouragement to children in the hospital so they can focus on loving, caring and healing. We support anti-bullying and mental health initiatives for the overall well-being of every child, as well as programs that focus on children struggling in impoverished areas. We aid education efforts to ensure all children are offered equal opportunities to succeed. Our goal is to enhance the lives of all children first-hand through exciting events, fun surprises and opportunities to flourish, regardless of any struggle.

Programs supported to Date:

  • Pet-Assisted Therapy Dog program at Children’s Health
  • Filled the Toy Closet at Children’s Health thru Children’s Cancer Fund
  • Supplied over 900 books and board games to Children’s Health and Lida Hooe Elementary
  • Supplied 380 new backpacks and over 3,000 school supplies to Lida Hooe Elementary

Who We Support



We help children suffering from all physical health issues. We believe that every family should have the opportunity to provide the care that their children need, regardless of the cost.



We support mental health and anti-bullying initiatives. Providing hope to children is vital to their futures, and it starts with fostering positive mindsets and healthy social interactions.



We assist children in shelters with their daily needs. We want them to feel supported, loved and have the things they need to succeed.



We improve education efforts. A high-quality education can positively impact a child’s future success and present opportunities for growth.

Ways To Give

Gifts icon


Use your individual gifts and talents to impact someone’s life.

Invest icon


Invest your money to provide a better future for children.

Volunteer icon


Spend your time volunteering at a fundraising event.

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Enhance children’s education by donating books or providing hands-on tutoring services.



Hi, my name is Gracelyn Hope and I am passionate about bringing joy to every child. Sometimes, kids have to grow up too fast and experience hardships early on in life. I believe that every child deserves to be happy and deserves a childhood to remember! I want each kid to know that they matter and that they are loved, so I have created Gracelyn’s Hope to share light with kids near and far.


“My heart said, I have to help people. People that are sick, hurt, mostly people that need it.”

I have always had a heart for helping others, but my love for fundraising began with selling sweets for donations, where I was able to raise $7,500 for the children of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. I also had the opportunity to speak to more than 8,000 people at WE day, a day for kids involved in charities.

My goal is to raise funds for children and their families, get other kids in on the fun and offer surprises and events for children in the hospitals or shelters so they can enjoy their childhood. I want every kid to know that they have something to give – whether it’s their time or talents – and help out a child in need. When we join together to lift others up, we can bring joy and healing to children and their families.

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